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So. Since 29th June when I apparently last posted something of substance on here (has it really been that long? Argghh!) lots of things happened. First of all, I got a job, and therefore was sent off to undertake training for said job.

I spent a week and a half away from my home, mostly in a hotel with okay wifi but a laptop that wasn’t happy, and didn’t want to move any faster than a glacier. At one point it also dived out of a suitcase, defying gravity completely, and therefore is now something of a casualty – the casing of the bottom is hanging loose and the motherboard is therefore sometimes exposed: not ideal. I have a horrible feeling Laptop may be dying.

I arrived back in Aberystwyth after a week and a half of training, and began my new job on the 15th July. Oh my word.

There’s a lot I’ve discovered so far about myself and other people from so far, almost three weeks in a retail-type job. Firstly, I am distinctly a creative and not a practical type; I can be good at my job with work and determination, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. (I’m not saying I don’t like it – it pays the bills, and it’s experience.) Two: I have unending respect for people to whom these things do come naturally, or who at least make it look so effortless.

It is such a strange and artificial setup, that somehow once you are placed behind a desk, glass screen and in a uniform, people cease to think of you as just another person trying to pay bills, achieve dreams, be free to care for who you love. Suddenly, they are the Customer and you are the Employee, and while some are lovely, it’s unfortunate that the rude or baffling customers (even I’m doing it) often make more of a lasting impression. How do we so easily forget that those working in retail are not machines of the corporation, but human beings? I admit that I am, really, something of a sensitive creature, and as such I wasn’t built for retail. The artificiality of sales targets – of so many people who must be sold so many things within so many days, but next week there will be another number on that board, and one week’s success is merely a reminder that you were this good once, why aren’t we any more? The idea of people who have bought things as cumulative numbers on a chart is so alien to me.

I know how naive it sounds. Really, I do.

So, this post isn’t an excuse, or a reason, or a pleading, or an apology. I haven’t posted any book reviews here for a while because I’ve been a bit crap at keeping the commitment going. I do spend a lot of time on each review: reading the book in detail at least once, probably twice, and searching the net for relevant viewpoints or opinions, and finding others who’ve read it to rally thoughts with.

I have begun writing reviews several times – I’ve just never felt like they were going anywhere, or were going to have any kind of vigour in them. If I can’t manage to pay attention to the writing of it, why should I expect anyone to pay attention in the reading of it?

I guess – tentatively – I’m back. I’ll try and post some reviews here more frequently certainly – no promises though (Simply so I don’t break them)!

Much love

The DoodleMole


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