World Book Night 2014

I’ll be taking part in World Book Night this year as both a community giver and an official giver! I’m really excited about it. World Book Night is one of those magical events that amazing people have brought into being just because they thought it would be awesome if one night a year, people all over the country who love books were to hand out free copies of some brilliant reads to people who don’t read regularly. To spread the word, and the joy, of reading fiction.

As an official giver I’ve got eighteen World Book Night editions of Adele Parks’ Whatever It Takes to give away April 23rd.
My plan this year is to take copies to the hospital and the women’s refuge.

whatever it takes wbm

This year, WBN have a new way of getting involved, called a ‘community giver’. Essentially, anyone can get involved to give books of their own (bought new or used). You can get stickers and bookplates to pop into the books, explaining what WBN is.
As a community giver I’ve chosen to give away four copies of The Fault in Our Stars to people I know who aren’t frequent readers. I’ll be wrapping them like presents and posting them the day before, first class, with some book-related goodies that I’ve chosen myself as well.

tfios wbn

This is the second year I’ve been lucky enough to be involved, giving away official World Book Night editions. Last year, I handed out copies of Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal by Jeanette Winterson on the seafront in Aberystwyth.


The thing I really love about World Book Night is the conversations it starts – between givers and recipients, between strangers, between people who love books and people who would never think to pick one up.

I hope you’re as excited about World Book Night as I am! You can find more info on their website. If you’re interested, you can still register to be a community giver here (registration is open until April 22nd 2014).




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