A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like (9/30 – 30 Day Book Challenge)


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

me before you jojo moyes

So I can’t think of a book that I picked up expecting to hate, because if I expect to hate something I just… don’t read it. I didn’t expect to not like this book exactly, but I expected a reasonably easy read, I guess. Based on where it was shelved and the whimsical cover image (yes, this was a lesson in judging a book by its cover) – based on the cover accolades from Closer and Good Housekeeping, I wasn’t expecting quite the emotional punch and moral judgement that this tale asks of its readers.

It’s difficult to talk about how this book surprised me without mentioning actual events – I’ll keep out any major plot points, but this might have some generic spoilers.

The blurb that compares Lou and Will to Emma and Dex from One Day (David Nicholls), and foreshadows how they will ‘change the other for all time’ had me expecting bristling romance. What I found was a euthanasia debate. Yeah.  Though, it’s worth noting, wrapped inside a beautiful romance, and with a great message about healthy relationships tied in there.

It is a really wonderful book though. Not one I return to over and over, because it is hard on the heart to read. I also read this straight after reading My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Picoult) for the first time, so by the end of those two Major Topic novels I was a little wrung out!

I do recommend this – it does get you thinking, and it has its own force of gravity that pulls you through the pages. Just maybe line up something comforting/calming/familiar for afterwards? Cos it’ll take its toll on your heart.


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