Poetry Review: ‘100 Poems’ by Jen Campbell

Alternatively titled:
A Love Letter to Jen Campbell

On 6th-7th October 2015 Jen Campbell wrote 100 poems in 48 hours to raise money for The Book Bus (more info below and at link). This pamphlet, with this gorgeous cover designed by Leo Nickolls, contains those poems.

100 poems

In short, I adored all of these poems. They’re full of amazing imagery and ideas, and I admire this woman hugely for what she can do with words.

I’ve mentioned her previously on this blog a lot for how many books I find via her YouTube channel and how much I love her Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops series. I think she is spectacular. Seriously, Jen, I love you a lot. Keep writing things so I can read them, I always will.

Focusing on the poetry here though! This pamphlet was perk of the Indiegogo campaign, which I donated to twice – once when I made my general contribution and got this perk initally. I then donated again once she started posting poems on the blog, as I knew I wanted to share this with my sister, so got a copy for her birthday too! You can still read all of the poems on the blog though, if you’re interested – I highly recommend it. In the spirit of the project, perhaps you could even donate a little something to The Book Bus when you do…

Little verses from this collection keep haunting me since I read it, because they are so vibrant and full of character, full of ideas, full of fantastical ways to put words together. I could wax lyrical about this pamphlet forever, but honestly – your time would be much better spent reading the poems.

About The Book Bus 
From their website: The Book Bus supports schools by providing mobile library facilities and volunteer story-tellers to help children become confident and literate readers for life. Working mainly with rural schools in Zambia, Malawi, India and Ecuador, our volunteer crew divide huge classes into small groups and inspire the children to read by personalizing the reading experience through story-telling, assisted reading practice and creative arts. This simple and effective support is sustained by provision of books and resources to each school library. Each Book Bus and its volunteer crew supports a cluster of five schools for up to three months. We make weekly visits to these schools working with up to 800 children from the cluster. The project finishes with an end of term party and opening of a new school library.

Registered Charity No: 1117357


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