Poetry Review: Katherine Stansfield, Julia Copus and Wendy Cope

I read the first two of these poetry collections quite close together (probably actually overlapping) in the last couple of months of 2015 and I really enjoyed both of them. They are incredibly different, but I couldn’t put one above the other.

playing house

First of all, Katherine Stansfield. I happen to have been taught by this amazing woman when I was at University, doing my creative writing degree, and I found it fascinating to read her work when I already have such a strong admiration for her as a person. What I loved about these – the emotion, so delicately placed, the imagery, which stayed in my head for days after reading individual poems, the beauty of the language. I will definitely read this collection again, and slower – first time around, I drank it all up in almost one gulp. Consider it on my list for revisiting in 2016.

worlds two smallest humans

On to the collection by Julia Copus, which I also loved. Her use of language is fantastically clever, and very intelligent. I read the whole collection very quickly, and that is the lasting impression I have of it – I think I need to schedule this one for a reread sometime in the future as well though because I definitely want to pay a bit more attention to the detail of her work!

serious concerns

And the final collection I want to talk about is Serious Concerns by Wendy Cope (which is actually a read of 2016, not 2015). I loved this book enormously – I read it all in two sittings, and have been back to several poems since because they make me smile. I often gravitate towards quite serious poetry, but this collection made me laugh a lot. I’ve also purchased a copy of Making Cocoa for Kingsley Ames, so I’ll be continuing my reading of Wendy Cope!


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