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Week 29 Life After Life

“No point in thinking,” she said briskly, “you just have to get on with life.” (She really was turning into Miss Woolf.) “We only have one after all, we should try and do our best. We can never get it right, but we must try.” (The transformation was complete.)

“What if we had a chance to do it again and again,” Teddy said, “until we finally did get it right? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

“I think it would be exhausting.”

Life After Life
Kate Atkinson

I adored this book and the concepts it explores, and I feel like this exchange between Ursula and her brother Teddy is a brilliant distillation of those.

It fascinates me how romantic this quote sounds out of context, as the book essentially spends a lot of time answering the question – would that be wonderful? Would it be a gift at all? It also explores the idea of ‘getting things right.’ As a concept, this seems to be about our own decisions, but Ursula’s experience emphasises how much is down to circumstance, and while choices made perhaps make a huge difference, the biggest events are on a larger scale than just yourself.

Life After Life

Through July, I’m trying out a new feature called Quote of the Week, which will post every Monday. This means more content on the blog, as well as a chance to share some thoughts on specific beautiful words by wonderful authors. And this blog is called DoodleMole…!
After this month, I’ll decide whether I want to keep it going. Let me know what you think in comments!


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