Open Up A Book (Poem)

Open up a book, settle down. Come on, now.
Take some time to sit and disappear.
You must make your preparations well.
Turn off the wifi, put your connectivity in another room.
Tell your mother you are taking a holiday
For an hour or more. Do not disturb.
Make tea, calming and warm to cradle in your hands,
To sip thoughtfully, to steam your glasses.
Choose your story. Decide where you will go.
Are you visiting another country? Are you
Going home? Decide whether today you need
To meet old friends or make new ones, make
New enemies. Savour the choice. Find
What feels right between your hands.
Make your place on the sofa,
Nestle yourself in, your drink in good reach,
Chocolate if you want it – beware of sticky fingers.
Now open up your book and settle down.
Come away now.


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