Favourite BookTubers | Pt 1

Given how much I love books, and how much time I’ve spent on YouTube since my teens, it took me a surprisingly long time to come across the BookTube community – that is, vloggers whose content is primarily focused on books. I’m not sure exactly when it was that my subscriptions shifted to be dominated by BookTube channels – certainly two years, maybe a bit more. To avoid repeating myself a lot here, it’s worth saying that all of these lovely ladies made me smile on a regular basis, and that is primarily why I watch their videos – I want to watch things that make me smile. Not exclusively, but that needs to be an element!

I set out to choose five BookTubers to recommend, ended up with six, and decided to actually make two posts.


The first booktube channel I found, which led me down the rabbit hole, cozyteareads. Although her channel is quiet these days, Shannon is full of enthusiasm and it was her videos that got me hunting for more! Her reviews of YA and contemporary are brilliant, and I’ve taken a lot of recommendations from her.

Jen Campbell

My absolute favourite booktuber these days though is Jen Campbell – author of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, The Bookshop Book, poetry pamphlet The Hungry Ghost Festival, and children’s book Franklin’s Flying Bookshop illustrated by Katie Harnett coming out next year sometime, who completed the 100 poem challenge last October. Her videos are always full of books I want to immediately run out and buy, her reflections on what she reads are always brilliantly articulated, and her chatty videos with a cup of tea or travel vlogs are just as lovely. She works in the book industry, as a bookseller, a consultant I absolutely recommend all of her books and her blog.


Another favourite of mine is Sanne Vliengenthart or Books and Quills, whose videos are always incredibly thoughtful and well-crafted. Sanne works used to work for Hot Key Books and now works at Penguin Random House, so she has lots of knowledge about the publishing industry which I find fascinating – for those who hate breaking spines she has a brilliant video teaching you how to avoid it, and her videos about covers made me a very happy book geek.


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