Quote of the Week | Throne of Glass

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Oh how wrong he was! Libraries were full of ideas – perhaps the most dangerous and powerful weapons. 

Throne of Glass
Sarah J Maas

Of course I love this quote. Of course I love this moment and this part of Celaena’s character. I also love how telling this is of Chaol’s character, and the things the two of them approach so differently – of what they’ll learn from each other. I love that Celaena recognises the power of ideas – which essentially is the power of a thinking population to challenge and change established powers. The library in the Throne of Glass books does prove a source of huge amounts of information. This series’ own preoccupation with books is not one of my favourite things about it, because frankly, there are so many – but this quote makes me very happy indeed.

1 Throne of Glass

Through July, I’m trying out a new feature called Quote of the Week, which will post every Monday. This means more content on the blog, as well as a chance to share some thoughts on specific beautiful words by wonderful authors. And this blog is called DoodleMole…!
After this month, I’ll decide whether I want to keep it going. Let me know what you think in comments!



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