Favourite BookTubers | Pt2

On with some more BookTube recommendations! See Part 1 here.

Jean BookishThoughts

Jean Bookishthoughts is a lovely, lovely Scottish classicist currently completing her PhD in London. While it’s not why I watch her videos, her voice is beautiful and listening to her speak makes me happy! I love the variety of books that she reads and reviews, but in particular I love her videos about ancient Greek and Roman literature. She also runs a GoodReads book club called the Feminist Orchestra, named and started following comments about ‘banging her feminist drum’. It is excellent, and at some point I will definitely have my act together enough to actually join in with the book club reads and join the discussion – perhaps this month, for Carol Ann Duffy’s Feminine Gospels

Reads and Daydreams

Lovely Lauren at ReadsandDaydreams makes fantastic videos – in particular I love her Page to Screen series looking at all the ways a certain story has been adapted as a visual story over time. Personally I loved her discussion of versions of Jane Eyre – you can find a playlist of all of those videos here. Her vlogs are also fab, as are her occasional advice videos. I always feel that what she has to say is very well thought through and measured, and I’m always interested in her thoughts on a book I’ve been thinking about picking up.

Naya Reads and Smiles

Finally, there’s NayaReadsandSmiles, whose enthusiasm always makes me smile. While there’s some overlap in our bookish preferences, I watch Naya’s videos primarily whenever I need a bit of joy injecting back into how I feel about my books. Sometimes a looming TBR can feel like more of a pressure than the exciting stash that it should be, and Naya’s squeals of delight always remind me how delicious an experience it is to discover new books, and fall in love.

I’m always looking for more excellent BookTubers – do you have any recommendations? Let me know in comments!


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