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Week 36 The Night Circus v2

Full quote below contains some spoilers for The Night Circus! You have been warned!

I do not mourn the loss of my sister because she will always be with me, in my heart,” she says. “I am, however, rather annoyed that my Tara has left me to suffer you lot alone. I do not see as well without her. I do not hear as well without her. I do not feel as well without her. I would be better off without a hand or a leg than without my sister. Then at least she would be here to mock my appearance and claim to be the pretty one for a change. We have all lost our Tara, but I have lost a part of myself as well.

The Night Circus
Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus was one of the first books I reviewed on the blog. It is one I will always have huge affection for, and can reread with love over and over, in part because the ensemble of characters always has someone else to understand a little better each time around. I recently went flicking back through, revisiting some of my favourite passages, and was struck with the beauty of this moment from Lainie. One of many beautifully explored and nuanced relationships, the Burgess Sisters are sympathetically drawn. Their characterisation is very much jointly made – even as Lainie acknowledges the difficulty of being one sister, the reader equally feels it for her because it is how they have been constructed for us.

The Night Circus Cover Image


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