Swann’s Way, Gilmore girls, MA applications (August catchup!)

My classic for August was Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust. It was an ambitious book to choose which kind of backfired on me. I didn’t finish it, and I’ve decided to move on. Perhaps one day I will come back to it. But I’m not making this post a dirge for my Classics Challenge, because I am continuing it anyhow, and while I didn’t make it through this book I know exactly why. Some of those reasons are very exciting…


I read four books in August. A year ago that would have been an achievement, but this year it’s joint with January and March for the least books per month so far. My August books were either binge-read or slow, savoured reads which left me with such a book hangover I couldn’t focus on anything else – let along Proust. Swann’s Way is very different to the other things I was reading, and really required more brainspace than I had to give it. The Tidal Zone and The Long Way both gave me the best kind of book hangovers, and when I finished The View on the Way Down I was distracted trying to articulate why I hadn’t loved it, as all the right ingredients were there.

The other reason I had less reading time last month was because I’ve been in the midst of the application process for a Masters in Creative Writing, and I’m super excited to have been offered a place on the course! It all starts at the end of September and I can’t wait. Going through the interviews and thinking so much about writing and whether I was good enough made me incredibly jittery about reading for a lot of the month, because the analytical part of my brain was in complete overdrive! It would not be turned off, and therefore I watched a lot more Gilmore girls and read a few less books. That isn’t so dreadful. Gilmore girls is my new go-to comfort show. Lorelai and Rory make me very happy (I feel like this will be useful over next year!)

In terms of how this will affect my blogging, I don’t have a clear picture yet of how it’s going to go, but for now I’m the posting schedule I’ve got into is what I’m going to try and stick to. For the next  year, I need to put my MA first, so if I need to divert the time I usually spend blogging to that, it’ll have to happen, but I’m hoping it won’t be 100% necessary. Even if I just have to switch my blogging topics a little for a while!

My current schedule for the past month or so has been Quote of the Week on Monday, which I’m reducing to every other week, but otherwise I’m sticking to posting Wednesdays and Saturdays and seeing where I go from there. I’m glad I hit my target so early in the year because now I can focus on reading the right stuff for my course without racing against a goal as well..!


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