Bookshelf Tour – YA Shelf

I’ve never done a bookshelf tour before, but there’s a first time for everything!


The bookshelf in my bedroom is the home of my YA collection. They’re some of the most colourful books I own and therefore the most decorative.

I mostly organise alphabetically, and while I like how stacking some of them looks it started out mostly as a way to make more space and preserve the very top shelf for my decorations, including my wedding bouquet. On the top shelf I have some of my favourite series, including The Hunger Games and Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy.


The middle shelf is my personal favourite because it has my Throne of Glass series, which looks extra lovely with Empire of Storms added. I’ll have to rearrange this when the final book in the series comes out as the whole thing won’t stack anymore but for now it makes me very happy!

The bottom shelf is the most mismash – I have my gorgeous Divergent boxset here, of course, beside the least organised stack. The Rest of Us Just Live HereMagonia, The Fault in Our Stars and my hardback Collector’s Edition of Divergent are all to tall for the shelf otherwise, and the others didn’t happen to fit anywhere else!


At the moment I’ve run out of books to review excepting Empire of Storms, which is going to be a long post and I’m working on for next Saturday! I like looking more closely at my shelves like this though, so in future perhaps when I’ve run out of things to post I’ll do more!


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