Review: ‘Love & Misadventure’ by Lang Leav

This week is a brief step away from my University reading to review a poetry collection I picked up a couple of weekends ago and read across a couple of evenings.

A very quick glance at the GoodReads reviews for Love & Misadventure would suggest it is a Marmite collection – people either rave or rant. I found this interesting to notice particularly because this is one of the few books I’ve found because of GoodReads – it was recommended based on my other choices by the algorithm, and I actually went out and found a did really enjoy this collection, but beyond that I’m not very committed to a particular stance. I found a lot in here relatable – there are little moments and feelings which I recognise. Personally though, while I enjoyed it as an overall reading experience, nothing in here particularly stood out from the rest. There were lots of lines I liked but not any which rang in my head after putting it down.

There’s obviously plenty of value in books that don’t produce a hangover. My favourite books ever tend to be ones that I couldn’t stop thinking about, but the variety of also having the ones which are easy to read and just make me happy in the moment of reading shouldn’t be underestimated. While that works for me in relation to fiction though, when reading poetry it isn’t hat I’m looking for. In picking up a poetry collection, I’m committing a bit more brainpower and preparing to offer a bit more engagement than I felt this book really asked of me. There wasn’t really anywhere for all that intention to go once I started reading – I wasn’t finding much for me beyond those initial moments of recognition.

It is absolutely a charming and sweet collection, if n  not what I was expecting. I wonder if I would have really adored this had I read it younger. I seem to be among the very few (or perhaps just less vocal) readers who neither adored nor despised this book, but just found it find, and then want to move on to the next thing.


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