Abandoned Books and Winter Reads: My Post-Deadline Reading Wishlist

Writing this post is pure procrastination. This week I have many words of work due in. By the time this posts, I will hopefully have submitted it all. I really am loving Masters, but deadlines are inherently a little bit stressful, and in my experience, always prompt daydreaming about all the things that I’ll be able to do once they’re over. Perhaps owing to the fact I haven’t finished a non-University book since the term got going, most of my daydreams have been reading related…

And of course, I want to hit my target of 70 books in the year, which means finishing five books in the next seventeen days. Since I’ve got a lovely chunk of time off over Christmas, that sounds perfect. There are however more than five books listed here, because this is a wishlist, not a TBR!

The books I’m making a bee-line for as soon as I’ve handed my work in are the ones I’ve been trying to read all term, but never had the time, that I’ve been gazing at longingly, with bookmarks stuck partway. I started my pre-ordered copy of A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers pretty much as soon as it arrived, got 100 pages in and then remembered I was meant to be reading something else for a seminar. I adored The Long Way so much, and this is (so far) a perfect continuation in that world. I’ve been impatient to finish this ever since I turned the last page of the previous book.

Next up, I want to finish Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows, which I’m more than halfway through and expect to finish in one sitting. It’s the sort of story which benefits from total immersion. So far I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m still waiting to totally fall in love with these characters the way I know a lot of people have.

Once I’ve finished the ‘abandoned books’ shelf, what then? Oh, the possibilities…

Since it’s what I haven’t done yet, I want to delve into some real winter reading. I’ve a copy of The Essex Serpent beside my bed, recently named Waterstones Book of the Year and beautifully re-jacketed (though it was gorgeous already). It’s a Gothic tale following the widowed Cora Seaborne who retreats to the Essex countryside with her son and hears tales of the Essex Serpent, creature of folklore blamed for local deaths and disturbances. I’ve read the first chapter and am really looking forward to this one.

One of my favourite books to re-read at this time of year is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which I didn’t do last year, so that’s another I might grab, perhaps over the Christmas weekend when there’s family gatherings going on and I don’t want to plug all of my attention into something new.

Do you have any favourites to read this time of year?


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