2017 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody!

Last year I finished 70 books. It’s really tempting to try to match or beat that goal again this year, but I’m aware that my reading slowed down considerably after October once I started my MA course. Since this will be my priority until the end of September this year, I’ve settled on a target of 50 books, which matches my original target for last year. It feels achievable without stressing myself out, or taking a step backwards. I can always revise it depending on how the year goes.


I also want to shift what sort of books I’m reading, and if I’m trying too hard to meet a target I’ll end up going for quicker reads. For me that tends to mean young adult books – and while I love YA, my reading last year had quite a lean in that direction. I want to move the majority of my reading more towards literary fiction, and to read more books which are outside my comfort zone. I had some great surprises this year

Equally, something else I don’t think I read enough of last year was poetry. I’m not going to set myself a goal specifically, but I want to dip into anthologies more often.

I read all but one of the assigned books for University last term, so this year I want to be sure I read all of them – which may be more of a challenge, given that they include Moby Dick. 


While I loved a lot of books I read last year, but what I really want out of 2017 is to find it much harder when choosing my favourites for the year.

Here’s another good reading year.


3 thoughts on “2017 Reading Resolutions

  1. I tend to read YA or fantasy and had to set some goals for 2017 to continue to push myself to readout of those areas. 🙂 What was your favorite book last year that wasn’t YA? Mine was Quiet by Susan Cain.

    • It’s good to go out of comfort zones!
      My absolute overall favourite was The Tidal Zone by Sarah Moss, which is adult/ literary fiction.
      I read Quiet a couple of years ago, it’s brilliant!

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