Bookish This or That

I’m in one of those frustrating situations where I have time to devote to writing reviews, but haven’t finished anything to review. I’ve been reading bits here and there, and I’m 450 ino 734 pages of Orhan Pamuk’s A Strangeness in My Mind, which I’m loving – but this January is a much slower reading month for me than it was last year. That’s directly because I’ve been writing more than reading, in terms of reading, I’m not bothered that I’ve slowed down – it just means I’m a  bit low on things to blog about right now.

So, I’ve picked a few bookish this or that questions which crossed my tumblr dash at some point…

Hardback or paperback – I love having hardbacks on my shelf, but practically I enjoy reading paperbacks more and just find it easier.

Borrow or buy – I should borrow more from my local library. I did get into a habit of borrowing for a while, and these days if I want to read something immediately I tend to check whether my library has it before I think about buying, and often they don’t. In general though, I like my books being my own – having long been a rereader, I like that I’m reading the same copy.

Fantasy or sci fi – I haven’t read a lot of sci fi to be honest, but I do have a love for good fantasy every now and then.

Wall shelves or bookcases – It’s a long time since I lived somewhere I had wall shelves, so perhaps this is a case of what I’m used to – but I really do love my bookcases.

Buy in a bookshop or buy online – Support independent booksellers! Go to real bookshops! They are magical places ❤

Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated – I did have colour coordinated shelves for a while, and my categorising has got fairly complicated over time, but these days I split my books up by genre and alphabetise within those categories – it’s just simpler!

Reading indoors or outdoors – Romantic as reading outside always sounds, it’s never as good or peaceful as reading inside. Indoors has sofas, tea, easy access to snacks…

Coffee or tea – Always, always tea

Reading in bed or in a chair – Reading in bed is something I do a lot, but I will always fall asleep! So if I want to read properly and focus on what I’m reading, a chair is the only way.


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