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I don’t have anything to review this week, so this is just going to be a general life catch-up and witter. This year seems to be going very fast – and I’m sure I say this every single year, but honestly, are we actually really truly (over) halfway through April? Where is time going and how can I get it back?

University is on holiday at the moment, which sounds like I should have some time to relax. I am however still working part time, and I have 13,500 words due in a few weeks – so there hasn’t been much of a slowing in pace. What it does mean is that my activities are less varied at the moment – there’s no seminars, no going to campus. I’m either at work, I’m at home trying to write, or I’m guiltily sneaking reading time instead.

In terms of my reading, I have relaxed a bit because there’s only one book left on my reading list for this term, which is tricky to get hold of and I therefore can’t actually start at all yet. I’ve written recently about struggling to get into fiction at the moment, though I have since fallen very hard into The Power by Naomi Alderman. I’m expecting to finish that very soon, because it is addictive – I can’t put it down. Getting wholly ‘into’ one really good book doesn’t necessarily mean the sort-of reading slump is over, but it’s comforting.


Very soon though, I will be on a real holiday. I am going away with my family for five whole days and I just can’t wait. I haven’t started packing yet, but the question of how many books is reasonable to take has already crossed my mind – three is reasonable for a five day trip, yes? I love to stretch a holiday out with anticipation beforehand, and then to bask in lovely memories as long as I can afterwards. Of course, normal life catches up pretty fast as soon as you get home, but bringing back a tin of fudge with a local landmark printed on always helps a bit.

The beginning of this year seems to have disappeared a bit, and I wanted to have done more by this point – read more, or at least taken more from what I read, written more, organised myself better, visited more people, etc etc etc. When I stop and look at it I’m not doing so badly, and hopefully a holiday is just the thing I need. I am trying to stick to my regular blogging schedule. At the beginning of the year I was doing pretty well, posting twice a week but lately I’ve been struggling a bit more. In part that’s because I have other writing to be doing, and I’ve had less to review recently, especially while I’m not reading at least one book weekly for seminars.

How’s your year going so far? What are you reading? Let me know in comments. I should be back on Saturday, with a review of The Power

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