Review: Franklin’s Flying Bookshop, written by Jen Campbell, illustrated by Katie Harnett

Today is something a bit different. Franklin’s Flying Bookshop is a picture book, which I’ve never reviewed on this blog before. I pre-ordered it months ago because it’s written by the amazing Jen Campbell – she of the amazing YouTube channelWeird Things Customers Say in Bookshops series, The Bookshop Book, a brilliant poetry collection The Hungry Ghost Festival. Her short story collection The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night will be published in November, which I’ve also obviously pre-ordered. I was so excited when Franklin landed in my hands a week early and took a writing break to read it. And then I read it again, and then a third time for good measure.


Franklin’s Flying Bookshop tells the story of a dragon named Franklin who loves books. He visits the village near where he lives in the hope of finding friends to tell about the amazing adventures he’s been on by reading, but everyone is scared of him and hides. Until of course, he meets a little girl called Luna, who loves books just as much as he does.

Franklin and Luna’s story is brought to life by Katie Harnett’s magical illustrations, and the words and pictures work together so beautifully. As an adult lover of books, there is so much to recognise and enjoy in this little story, and when reading with children there would be so much to explore in the images. I am so excited to share this story with the children in my life.


Even if you aren’t in the habit of buying picture books, if you love books themselves I urge you to give Franklin a visit. He’ll warm your heart, and take you on an adventure among the stars.

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