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My reading goal for 2017 is fifty books. For the most part, I review everything I read on this blog. As well as just enjoying writing reviews and reflecting on what I read, I like keeping a record of what I’ve read and when.

My (usual) posting schedule is Wednesdays and Saturdays, including monthly wrap ups.

‘DoodleMole’ is an internet name I made up for myself years ago, and never quite left behind. In school I had a persistent habit of doodling all the time, and my friends’ nickname for me was ‘Moley’.

Feel free to get in touch, especially if you have any thoughts on books I’ve posted about, or any recommendations. There is a contact form below but I am likely to respond faster via Facebook!

If you are requesting a review: it is rare that I to accept books for review, but I’m always willing to consider them. While I am completing my Masters my time is a little tight, so do check out my preferences below and from what I review to be sure you’re asking the right reviewer.

 About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah. 24, married, enthusiastic about a lot of things, sarcastic about others.

I love books. If you’ve found my blog, you probably do too. Aren’t they amazing? Beautiful little parcels of imagination that can transport you somewhere entirely different, take you home and invoke every emotion under the sun, and all from a comfy chair with a cup of tea and chocolate beside you, if that’s what you like. My undergrad degree was in English Literature and Creative Writing. Starting September 2016, I am working towards my MA in Creative Writing.

I love a lot of books, and its a constantly changing list. A few of my favourites are below, or you can check out my yearly reading reviews (2015, 2016, 2017 resolutions) and monthly wrap up posts for an idea of what I read regularly.

I like literary fiction, young adult, fantasy, poetry, historical fiction, and lots of other things. I like books that draw on Greek mythology, fairytale and art. I like fiction with a feminist hint, or just with excellently written women. I can’t forgive badly written female characters. My TBR pile is something I will never actually reach the end of, because I buy books at a faster rate than I can possibly read them!

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