September Wrap Up (2017)

41/50 books

Ohh, September. My MA is now over. Surprisingly, I read a lot this month. While I was in a writing frenzy, I switched to reading to keep my focus while having a break from the screen. All of these were brilliant reads. Reviews to come for most of them, but in the meantime I recommend them all.

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Post-Deadline TBR

At the end of September I will hand in the final 40,000 words for my Masters course. I have loved this year – it has taught me so much and given me great opportunities. But it has also cut down on my reading time. This time last year I was about thirteen books ahead of where I am now. Overall, I’m pleased with how much I’ve read alongside studying, but of course I still have a stack of books I haven’t read for now which I want to read once I’m done. Below are a few of those…

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Bird Mugs, Good Books and Writing

Over the last few weeks I’ve been a bit absent from this blog, which will probably be the case for a while longer. I’ll still review everything I’m reading, but I’m just busy. Blogging has always been something fun for me to do and I’m determined to keep it that way. Much as I love posting regularly twice a week it’s just going to have to wait a while.

I bought this mug in the Lake District. It holds a pint of tea and makes me very happy. 

Aside from my MA, I’m just busier than I’d anticipated. Making time in the week seems to only produce more things that need doing in it! July was slow reading, my smallest wrap up since I started writing them (although only by books, not by pages). 

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July Wrap Up (2017)

July. I went on holiday, I wrote and wrote and wrote, and reading time has been sacrificed to that. But, that’s ok. My reading is probably going to be thinner until October, and that’s just how it’s going to be.

I feel like I’ve been reading quite a bit – really it’s finishing things that I’ve been having a problem with. Which is why I’ve brought back the ‘Books I Started This Month’ list, just to make myself feel a bit better. I was loving The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan but after The Clocks in This House, the succession of present tense books was sneaking into my writing, and rewriting scenes into the past tense gets boring really quickly, so I’ve had to pause it for a while. Read More »

Holiday Book Haul

Another holiday in the Lake District, and I have come home again with a lovely stack of books. The little bit of Cumbria that my husband and I have visited with friends over the past few years has several lovely independent bookshops, most particularly Fred Holdsworth in Ambleside and Sam Read in Grasmere.

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Jan – June 2017 | Half Year Goals

2017 Reading Progress: 30/50 books

My reading so far this year has been interesting. I’ve felt like I’m in a slump for most of the year, yet I’m still ahead of my target by five books. In part I think this is down to University reading – not only were there a number of books I had to read by a certain date, it has reinforced the habit of reading, whether I feel like it or not. I have spent a lot of time flitting between books I haven’t finished, picking things up and getting distracted, and this is probably where the slump-like feeling is coming from.

Despite this, I have read some really amazing books this year. I’m glad to be ahead of my target – for the next few months, I’m going to be mostly focusing on writing rather than reading, as my final MA hand-in of 40,000 words approaches at the end of September. My June wrap up was a bit thin compared to usual, with just three books, and this may be the trend for a while yet. If I do end up behind on my target, I should have time to catch up from October though. Fingers crossed…!


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June Wrap Up (2017)

June has been surprising. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time reading but it’s been slow progress. Whether measuring by books (three) or pages read, this month was my lowest total so far this year. I am mired in uni work – between now and September I am on the final stretch with a lot of writing to do, and because of that I’m distracted. My brain is ‘on’ constantly, and mostly inside my own book. I’ve been slowed down because I have to take notes – I read something and it gives me ideas, so I still there staring at the wall thinking of how I can apply this to my writing instead. My mind never stops whirring and it’s took three genuinely amazing books to get me to pay attention at all. All three of will be in my thoughts when I come to write about my favourites of the year.Read More »


Monday 26th June 2017 marked twenty years since the original publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Everywhere you turn online, someone is telling you what they love about this series, so I’m sure you’ve heard everything I can say on that subject elsewhere already. Instead, this is a mini shelf tour of my Harry Potter collcetion. In itself, this shelf is evidence of my love for the series.

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