Favourite BookTubers | Pt2

On with some more BookTube recommendations! See Part 1 here.Read More »


Summer Holiday Reads

As much as the delightful British weather wants to confuse us and deny that sunshine ever happens here, it is summertime. We’ve had the first ‘official’ day of summer, when lots of us hopefully get a bit of a holiday. For me, one of the most important parts of any good holiday is the reading.

Everyone likes something different in a Holiday Read, but for me, I want something well-written but not dense – I want enough brain-space left for all the other activities I like to do, and to genuinely relax rather than be sitting up into the night reading! If there’s anything besides reading that a holiday should provide, it’s a good amount of sleep, and I like to pick up books that are compatible with that. Holiday reads for me are ones I can nod off to. Tension does not belong on holiday.Read More »

Lit Lists | Favourite Literary Lovebirds

The Lit Lists series is where I write posts based on prompts from the book Literary Listography by Lisa Nola, published by Chronicle Books.

Who doesn’t love a good romance? These couples all warm my heart and make me smile; give me something to aspire to in my life and restore my faith in people when I’m feeling less than perfect.

Molly and Arthur Weasley

Molly and Arthur Weasley, from
the Harry Potter series by JK RowlingRead More »

Lit Lists! | My 20 Most Beloved Books

This is the first of the series I am beginning based on Literary Listography, in which I will use the list titles given as post prompts.

I’ve started this series with the very first list in the book – Top 20 Most Beloved Books. I love this prompt – the word ‘beloved’ implies something beautifully specific. These are not necessarily the best books I’ve read, the ones I admire most or feel are most well executed. This is a list of the books that I hold closest to my heart – the ones that earned that place because they affected me deeply when I first read them and have therefore been held dear and often reread, as well as whatever critical, analytic admirations I might also hold.Read More »