May Wrap Up (2017)

May has been a slower reading month, and that’s because for the most part it was a writing month. The other factor was reading A Court of Wings and Ruin and needing quite a while to recover from the trauma. So the theme of the month then became rereading YA fantasy. I’ve also been dipping into the Throne of Glass series again, but I’m not recording them as it’s more of a skipping between favourite scenes. I am also slowly reading a collection of short stories by Ali Smith, but that is being savoured, one story at a time…Read More »

April Wrap Up (2017)

This month has been an improvement, reading-wise. I’ve got into a better rhythm and felt properly engaged with at most of the books I picked up. More importantly, I feel motivated to read again for reasons other than uni or meeting my reading challenge goals. Whisper in case it hears, but the sort-of reading slump might be in retreat…Read More »

March Wrap Up (2017)

Continuing the theme from February, my reading this month has felt scattered. I’ve only felt really sunk into a few books – even ones I did really enjoy I read at such a pace that I never quite settled into that feeling. I’ve been a bit all over the place generally this month, so it makes sense for that to be reflected in my reading. I’m really hoping that in April, with a break from Uni, I’ll start to feel a bit more organised again, and a bit more satisfied in what I’m reading.Read More »

February Wrap Up (2017)

February has been a very strange reading month. I’ve felt very patchwork about my reading – it’s been little bits here and there instead of longer dedicated chunks of time, it’s been reading several books at once, it’s been nonfiction and novels and poetry and short stories on the go at once. I’ve read a lot of great things this month, but it felt different.

There are a few books I’ve chosen not to review this month, mostly on the considerations of time. I’ve been posting less frequently this year so far, because I am busier, and so I’m being a bit more selective about which things I do review.

Books I Read This Month

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January Wrap Up (2017)

January has been a bit of a slow reading month, mostly because my routine has been a bit different every week and I haven’t quite settled into the year yet. Once things are more settled, I do want to do more reading than this. Two of the books I finished this month were rereads – mostly in quiet moments while out and about when I had the Kindle app on my phone. It’s also just soothing my impatience for the May release of A Court of Wings and Ruin following the cover reveal this month.

Books I Read This Month

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2017 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody!

Last year I finished 70 books. It’s really tempting to try to match or beat that goal again this year, but I’m aware that my reading slowed down considerably after October once I started my MA course. Since this will be my priority until the end of September this year, I’ve settled on a target of 50 books, which matches my original target for last year. It feels achievable without stressing myself out, or taking a step backwards. I can always revise it depending on how the year goes.

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2016 Reading Wrap Up

I’ve had a great reading year. My original target was 50 books, which I then revised twice up to 60 and then to 70, which I met. I also took part in the 2016 Classics Challenge, and while I didn’t complete it I still found it a really useful thing to do. I’ve not always been fond of making myself read things, but as time goes on I find it more and more rewarding.

I’ve been blogging more consistently this year, and as the year’s gone on I’ve got into a better schedule. There have only been four weeks where I didn’t post anything at all, in January, March, May and December, and for a while between July and September I was even posting three times a week. This was the first year I’ve posted monthly wrap ups, which I’ve found a really useful way to keep my own track of what I’ve been reading and to motivate myself. day-14-book-chevron

My goal last year deliberately excluded rereads, because I wanted to push myself out of a habit. I decided this year that I would include them, yet I still haven’t reread that many books. Of the 70 books I’ve finished this year, only 10 were ones I’d read before. Two were ones I read a long time ago, while the others were comfort reads that I first read more recently. In June particularly, when I was feeling a bit down, I did a lot of rereading to cheer myself up.Read More »

November Wrap Up (2016)

From my reviews it may be obvious: University reading has taken over my bookish life. I was looking forward to the Christmas break to finish some of my own choices, before remembering I should be reading ahead for next term. I love being a student again, but after getting used to setting my own targets, reading a set list is a strange throwback experience. Read More »